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Corporate Directors' Diversity Project

Inspired by a Wall Street Journal article about the efforts of Sister Anne DeConcini of the Sisters of Mercy and organizations in advocating greater diversity among corporate directors, our firm decided to enhance and make available a resource we already have: A pool of diverse, excellent candidates who are interested in serving on America’s corporate boards. Our project, the Corporate Directors Diversity Project, will begin in March of 2004 and will provide to corporate directors and shareholders, free of charge, information about talented attorneys who want to serve as corporate directors and whose qualifications equal or rival those of directors currently serving on the boards of America’s corporations. 

Most recently, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission promulgated a new rule (17 CFR Parts 228, 229, 240, 249, 270 and 274, effective January 1, 2004) requiring greater transparency in the nomination process for corporate directors. We were disappointed, however, that the new rule stopped short of requiring corporations to state the degree to which they consider diversity in nominating directors. Our hope is that forward-thinking corporations and shareholders will use our resource to increase diversity at the highest level in America’s corporations.

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