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Why Choose Carter-White & Shaw?

As of June 15, 2001, more than 400 chief legal officers of many Fortune 500 corporations signed the Association of Corporate Counsel's Statement of Principle on Diversity in the Workplace. The statement provides:

We expect the law firms which represent our companies to work actively to promote diversity within their workplace. In making our respective decisions concerning the selection of outside counsel, we will give significant weight to a firm's commitment and progress in this area. (Diversity in the Workplace: A Statement of Principle, Association of Corporate Counsel.)

With diversity on the forefront as a business imperative for law firms, why should you choose Carter-White & Shaw to assist you in meeting this challenge? Because we have been in business longer than most of our competitors. As a result, we have a larger network of contacts in diverse legal communities than those of our competitors within the niche of diversity recruiting. As noted in the November 12, 2003 issue of the San Francisco Recorder by John Childs, a partner with Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, "While mainstream headhunters have a few contacts, they don't have the same network [as diversity recruiters.] [Specialists] talk to attorneys of color. They know who's available and who's ready to move."

Carter-White & Shaw was promoting diversity recruitment as a matter of fairness long before it became a business imperative for law firms and corporate legal departments. As a result, we have a loyal following of candidates and clients who continue to refer business to us. Using our network of candidates we have placed, our contacts within numerous minority legal organizations, and our own research skills, we find superior candidates wishing to work for employers that are serious about diversity. Our policies include:

Confidentiality: Our contracts with client firms and corporate law departments include a non-disclosure clause, and we maintain all candidate inquiries and the placement process as confidential.

Candidate Control: We do not submit information about candidates to any potential employers without candidate permission.

Client Guarantee: We provide for a prorated reimbursement of our placement fee should a candidate leave the employment of a client within six months of the placement. In the history of Carter-White & Shaw, we have had to provide only one such reimbursement, due to an Act of God.

No Recruiting from Clients: Our contract provides that we will not recruit anyone from any of our clients for a period of one year following the placement of one of our candidates with a client. This guarantee applies firm-wide, not just to the office of the firm with which we placed the candidate.

We do not recruit for employers that lack commitment to diversity and that have recruitment and retention records with respect to diversity that cannot be defended, much less championed, by us to our candidates.

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